Are you looking for one-time retirement planning advice for a fixed fee?

Answers to important retirement planning questions, in plain English, so you can make educated and informed decisions

The Project-Based Financial Planning engagement is for people seeking a short-term collaboration with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional that will address important retirement planning matters to know if they should be okay in retirement.

For people wanting a lasting partnership with a CFP® professional that will continue as they grow through each stage of life, the Wealth Planning engagement may be a better fit.

Project-Based Financial Planning

We refer to this specific type of Project-Based Financial Planning engagement as the “Retirement Plan Review” since it addresses important retirement planning questions to help bring clarity to your financial situation:

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How well am I doing now?

Reviewing your personal balance sheet, which is basically the things you currently have, and closely looking at:

    • How organized is what you have? Is it all over the place?
    • Is there too much risk? Too little risk?
    • Are there things you should be avoiding?
    • Are there any holes that need to be closed?
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How does my retirement outlook appear going forward?

Reviewing your personal income statement, which is basically your cash flow, and closely looking at:

  • What are your earnings now?
  • How are you saving?
  • Do the projections show that you have a sustainable retirement?
  • When including the income you can be sure of later on, how does it look going forward?
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How do I safely create retirement income out of my savings?

Sharing with you the role and function of an income ladder (or “bond ladder”) in your asset allocation plan and the relationship of an income ladder to retirement cash flow.

The “Retirement Plan Review” is best for do-it-yourself (DIY) investors who want a second opinion from a CFP® professional that they can collaborate with in a safe, fiduciary environment where their needs are always put first and, after the engagement concludes, enjoy picking the specific securities they want to invest in.

The services provided in the Project-Based Financial Planning engagement do not constitute a comprehensive financial plan and do not include ongoing, specific recommendations of your investments, cash, or other assets. If this sounds more like what you are looking for then consider the Wealth Planning engagement.

Engagement Roadmap


Introductory Phone Call

Get a vision of your challenges, priorities, intentions, and opportunities to determine if a mutual fit is possible.

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Plan of Action Conversation

Continue to gain a better understanding of your unique situation and answer any questions you might have to arrive at a decision.

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Getting Organized

Collect any necessary information while helping you sort through your financial situation and get organized.


Project-Based Financial Planning

The number of appointments that follow depend on the financial planning matters being addressed, with the engagement concluding after presenting our recommendations addressing the areas of concern to you.

One simple transparent fee

The “Retirement Plan Review” engagement has a fixed fee.

Fixed fee*


*Half (50%) of the fee is collected upon signing the agreement, and the remaining amount is due and payable upon completion of the services.

We are fiduciaries. All recommendations made are in your best interests.

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