Tax-efficient, advice-only retirement planning for a fixed fee.

Smartly invest your hard-earned money where you want, when you want.


Why Milestones Financial?

We specialize in retirement planning.

We do not try to be all things to all people. After all, would you go to an obstetrician if your foot hurt? We enjoy helping people make the most of their money before and during retirement.

We do tax planning.

Most financial advisors aren’t allowed to give tax advice. We incorporate lawful tax minimization strategies into our financial planning and investment recommendations.

We’re fiduciaries.

We’re an independent, fee-only financial planning firm who is required to act in your best interest with all recommendations we make to you.

We do not sell products.

Our only form of compensation comes solely from our clients. Not being affiliated with any bank, brokerage, or insurance company allows us to give advice without restriction or pressure to make certain recommendations.

Our fees are transparent and understandable.

We charge fixed fees that are not a percentage of your investment portfolio.

You get to keep your accounts wherever you want.

In addition to being fee-only, we’re also an “advice-only” financial planning firm. This means you get to choose where you want to keep your money, and we advise you on your money. You always remain in control of your money.

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Who we help

We provide ongoing, tax-efficient financial planning and investment recommendations for people age 50+.

How we help

We help provide you with answers to questions like these:

“How can I safely create income out of my savings?”

"How can I reduce my taxes in retirement?"

"Are my investments appropriate for retirement?"

Answers to these questions, and others you have on your mind,
are addressed through our integrated financial planning process.

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